Installation Tips
  • Compare cylinder head purchased to your original cylinder head.
  • Clean & inspect all head bolt holes in cylinder block.
  • Clean & inspect all head bolts.
  • Clean & inspect cylinder block surface.
  • Install camshaft seal on OHC applications.
  • Check for cooling system problems. (Such as worn belts or hoses, plugged radiator or leaking water pump.)
  • Check electric cooling fan operation where applicable.
  • Replace thermostat.
  • Prime cooling system before starting engine. "VERY IMPORTANT"

Break-In Tips

  • Check for proper oil supply to cylinder head. Run for 15 minutes at 1500 RPM or to normal operating temperature.
  • Let engine cool, re-torque cylinder head and re-adjust valves.
  • Re-start engine, check cooling system function and CO2 level of engine. Road test.

Common Problems Leading to Cracking

  • Defective cooling system components: belt, thermostat, radiator, etc.
  • Weak, low or missing antifreeze.
  • Broken cylinder head gasket.
  • Air pocket in cooling system.
  • Incorrect torquing of the cylinder head, etc.
  • Incorrect timing

When you need to replace a cracked cylinder head, make sure to correct the problem that caused the cylinder head to crack in the first place.